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Insulated Caustic Dip Tanks for Your Cleaning Requirements

Storm King Insulated Caustic Dip Tanks are ideal cleaning solutions for a number of industries, including automotive, oil field, and heavy equipment. If you are rebuilding pumps or other equipment components, an insulated caustic dip tank removes from parts any greasy residue, carbon, bitumen oil, copper coat, and pipe dope. It can also be used to strip the paint from a part down to the metal surface.

Parts are placed in the main reservoir of the insulated caustic dip tank containing a cleaning solution. Some insulated caustic dip tank models have elements that are fully enclosed, protecting them from exposure to solvents and debris from your parts, prolonging the life of the elements. For maximum efficiency, your Storm King Insulated Caustic Dip Tank is fully insulated.

Completely Customized

A Storm King Insulated Caustic Dip Tank is completely customized to meet your needs. Our designers will work with you to determine what type of metal to use, how deep the tank should be, and what heating application, electric or natural gas, would best meet your specifications. We will design, manufacture, and supply an insulated caustic dip tank to any one of our locations. All of our equipment is CSA Approved.

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