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On-Site Repairs, Regularly Scheduled Service, & Parts

Time is money, and at Storm King, we understand you can't afford to have your equipment down. That's why we provide sales and service for our automatic parts washers and insulated caustic dip tanks. Our highly trained service technicians make on-site service calls and carry a large supply of replacement parts with them daily.

You can contact us to schedule on-site repairs, or bring your automatic parts washer or insulated caustic dip tank to one of our locations in Western Canada or North Dakota. Our trained service technicians perform services on all makes and models of various cleaning equipment.

Scheduled Maintenance Inspections

We're pleased to offer regular maintenance inspections, because we believe that if you take care of your equipment, it will take care of you. Why should you consider regular inspections?

  • Avoid expensive repairs - Most automatic parts washers and insulated caustic dip tanks are not checked or repaired unless they break down.

  • Avoid increased costs - Without maintenance, your machine will slowly become less efficient and cost you more money.

  • Protect your investment - Regular maintenance inspections ensure your equipment is in optimum condition, increasing the longevity of your machine.

What We Do During Inspection

During a scheduled maintenance inspection, your machine is checked and tested to ensure all of its systems are working efficiently. Our trained service technicians will perform a full inspection and recommend any repairs that are needed. Most repairs can be performed immediately, ensuring your equipment is in peak condition.

For each inspection of an automatic parts washer, we:

  • Test pump

  • Test spray bars and nozzles

  • Check door seals and gaskets

  • Test turntable

  • Check switches, fuses, electrical cord, and power supply

  • Test with load in machine

  • Clean automatic parts washer (outside and inside)

  • Check chain and motor on driven units

  • Check float operations if included

  • Conduct a physical examination of the elements

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